About Us

Created by three friends, Re:loc was designed to allow co-workers, friends, associates, or even strangers to have transparency into your general location while maintaining a preferred level of privacy.

Reloc Team

Our Backstory

Members of your Slack team will see emojis representing your location, but they won’t know your coordinates. Knowing others’ general locations helps us feel more connected in a time where many feel isolated.

The journey began back in 2017 while we moved between a variety of facilities for work and hobbies. Our locations would change not just daily but within the day. A week might be mixed up between a coffee shop, the office, a co-working facility, home, or the makerspace. We would get messages from co-workers, associates, and friends throughout the day asking if we were at the office, makerspace, regular coffeeshop hangout, etc. People were curious because they wanted to grab lunch, meet in person, or to socialize. Updating our Slack status across multiple channels daily or even multiple times per day became a burden. While we were comfortable sharing my location with a few close people, we weren’t ready to open our locations to everyone in our social network. The issue of sharing location while maintaining privacy was a tricky one. 

The solution at the time was a Slack app that was created by one of our founders called Locmoji. It used IFTTT (If this then that), which allowed you to define a geofence. Whenever you entered or exited the defined boundaries, it would automatically update your Slack status across multiple Slack accounts. The app was primarily used by others in our network who saw the value of sharing their location automatically while maintaining a level of privacy.

Fast forward to 2020; there was a massive shift in where everyone was working. While many were forced to work from home for a period of time, others switched between their home and office. The locations of our co-workers became harder to keep track of and made us feel more disconnected. For this reason, we decided to launch re:loc to help share your location with co-workers, friends, or associates more easily without giving up your coordinates. We also wanted to remove the complexity of using the IFTTT app, which is very hard for the average person to configure, so we rolled out our own easy to use mobile app.

Using what we learned from the very simple Locmoji app, we decided to rethink it with the following goals:

  • Easy to setup – Quickly define a location, pick emojis to represent the location, and set time restrictions for updating your Slack status. 
  • Automated – Manually setting your status is a pain and everyone forgets to do it. Use location to change your status anytime you enter or exit a defined area. 
  • Privacy Centered – Users should feel comfortable not only with the information (Emoji) they share with their Slack channel but also with Re:loc by installing the application. Our goal is to use the minimal amount of data required to provide a valuable service. 

Our Promise

At re:loc we understand the importance of privacy, and this is one reason we created the service:

  • We only collect the minimum data required to operate the service.
  • Minimal slack permissions to get just necessary user/team information and to update your status/emoji.
  • We will not share or sell your data.
  • Your actual location coordinates are never shared.

re:loc has joined Pulse. Download here. Read the announcement here.

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