Update your Slack status based on location

Automatically display an emoji to represent your location. You define the locations. Maintain privacy.

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We care about your privacy

Slack Location Emoji

Let co-workers know where
you are working

Re:loc shares your location (not your coordinates) with your team on your Slack channels in the form of emoji and a location name. The emoji will appear on your profile, list of users, and in the message box.

An emoji will display next to your name on the list of team members.

The name of your location and the emoji is displayed in your Slack status.

Why re:loc?

Share your location privately.

Define locations and represent them with a name and emoji. Whenever you enter or exit one of your locations, re:loc updates your status. If you choose a house emoji, a co-worker will know you are working at home but will not know where your home is. Re:loc never discloses your actual location.

Fully automated

Set it and forget it—no more worrying about whether your Slack status is accurate. Your location status will update when you work from different locations. Set time restrictions for each location.

Setting up re:loc is easy.

The re:loc app lets you define locations, choose emojis, and set a schedule to update your Slack channels automatically.
Define a location
Set up individual location boundaries. Anytime you enter/exit those locations, it will update your status in Slack. Your actual location remains private.
Choose an emoji
Choose an emoji to represent your location. Anytime you enter or exit your defined location, the emoji will appear by your name.
Set a schedule
Decide when to display your location emoji. If you don’t want the location to display after certain work hours or on the weekend, you can quickly and easily set your time parameters.
Reloc Add Place

Download the app to get started

Add the app to connect your Slack teams and start defining your locations. Re:loc is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Co-workers appreciate transparency

By adding your location to Slack it lets your co-workers know where you are working while maintaining your own location privacy.


Questions about how re:loc works? Browse our frequently asked questions.

Re:loc creates geofences on your phone based on the places you create. When your phone detects leaving or entering one of these boundaries, it notifies the Re:loc app, which then contacts our servers to update your Slack status/emoji. Your phone's coordinates never leave your phone to trigger status updates, it is all done on your phone directly.

Yes, set specific days and a time range for each location.

Our app detects if you enter or exit the predefined place and updates your Slack status/emoji. No viewer of your emoji will know your location coordinates, only what is represented by your emoji and name you give the location.

If you manually update your status, your re:loc status will revert after the other status expires.

Yes, you can choose any available emoji compatible with Slack to represent your location. Re:loc does not support custom Slack emojis at this time.

Use for individuals is currently free.

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